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Shalom, friends!

Over the past several weeks in my weekly newsletter, The LOKA Traveler, I’ve taken a close look at the meaning and importance of  joy and shalom, and how critical they both are to successfully living the Kingdom life.  As a believer, that’s the life you should be living—every single day!  When you need a “spiritual pick-me-up“, take a few minutes to go back and read those articles (see the “Shalom” post!).  I guarantee they will bless you!

In the midst of all that’s been going on in my life, I realized that I had to begin making some decisions about issues that would affect both my immediate and long-term future.  It really got me thinking about two major forces in every one of our lives everyday…. distractions and purpose.  If you don’t eliminate the first and  fiercely pursue the latter you will find yourself exactly where you never (ever!) wanted to be— in the endless cycle of a mundanemediocredisappointing, and unfulfilled existence that doesn’t even come remotely close to the vision you had for your life, and even worse, it’s light years away from the life that God has pre-destined you for.  Yes, my friend, this is dangerous territory indeed.  But, this doesn’t have to be YOUR life!!

I’m encouraging you to frequently stop and think about what you’re doing and why you’re doing it.  Ask yourself this question….  Are the daily decisions I’m making in my life  bringing me closer to, or taking me further away from, the call God has placed on my life?  If you answer honestly (yes, we sometimes lie to ourselves!), you will be able to make a course correction without a whole lot of emotions (large doses tend to cloud your judgment), and you’ll be amazed at how quickly you’ll want to get anything (or anyone!out of your life that’s keeping you from your purpose and destiny.

Just like you, I sometimes get distracted, however this I know for certain…. a significant part of my purpose is to help Christian and Messianic believers live a life of total wellness and discover the Hebraic roots of the faith, while exploring the world.  I’m here for YOU!  To help you live a bettermore fulfilling Kingdom lifespirituallyphysicallyglobally. There’s another pretty big part to my purpose too, but I’ll leave that for another time!

No matter what God has called each of us to do, we all share one ultimate goal— to love and support the land and people of Israel and to increase and glorify the Kingdom of God!

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Shalom and love,


“The Messianic Mama”

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