Who Cares If They Don’t “Get” You??

Shalom friends!

I want to share with you a question I received from one of my newsletter subscribers. I’m sensing that many of you feel this way, and I believe my answer will truly bless you!  Enjoy….

The reader wrote…. “I’ve recently started learning about the Jewish-ness of the bible and gaining a better understanding of God’s word from a Hebraic perspective.  I thought that my family would be glad that I was really getting into the word, but instead they seem put off and don’t really want to hear about it.  If it’s in the bible, I believe it’s the truth, so why the negative attitude?”

Well, I believe the real issue at hand is Truth vs. Tradition.  Non-Jewish believers have different obstacles to overcome than Jewish believers do when it comes to accepting biblical truths, and one of the biggest can be viewing the bible from a Jewish perspective.  For non-Jews, understanding the feasts, shabbat, the Hebrew language, and other traditions that most Jewish people grow up with (despite their spiritual/religious beliefs), can be quite a daunting task!  And sadly, most people simply reject what they don’t understand, or want to believe.  For most Christians, accepting the total truth of the word of God means that they would have to deny, or reject, much of what they’ve been taught throughout the years AND make some —dare I say—changes in their lifestyle, so that their life would actually begin to line up with what God teaches, and even commands, in His word.

Reader, don’t ever allow the threat of rejection from others  stop you from pursuing truth.  This is exactly what the enemy wants, so that you will continue a life of ignorance, un-fulfillment, and defeat!  Why do you think so many Christians are leaving the church and saying “church just doesn’t “work” for me”? Oftentimes their lives and relationships are a mess and they have no real joy or peace.  Sounds just like the life of the “un-saved” out in the world, doesn’t it??  Maybe even worse.  They are certainly right in that “church” doesn’t work, because that was never God’s plan.  What “works” and can never fail is the word of God, the Kingdom, and the shed blood of our Messiah, Yeshua Ha’Mashiach!

Trust me when I tell you I know exactly how you feel, however, be encouraged.  You’re on the right path, but it’s a narrow one, so don’t expect a crowd! 😉  Let the Holy Spirit guide you into all truth and know that the victory is already yours.  It’s time to take it!  And determine that, like a good friend recently said to me, “enough is enough”…. no more “settling”…. just celebrating in the abundant, Kingdom life that’s waiting for YOU!

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Shalom and love,


“The Messianic Mama”

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