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My Life Changing Journey to the Land…. ISRAEL!

Shalom, friends! I shared with you a few weeks ago memories of my first trip to the land of Israel in my weekly newsletter, The LOKA Traveler.  I’m going to share a bit more here with you now, as I feel strongly led to do so. I still cannot tell you exactly why I felt […]

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West Orange Believers Who Love Israel!

Shalom, friends! I want to share something with you that I’m (still) super excited about!  I posted on this over a month ago, however, wanted to share again for those who may have missed it.  Read on to learn about a new monthly event that I would really love you to be a part of. […]

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Have You Been Counting the Omer?

Shalom, friends! I want to share with you a joyful tradition I’ve come to love.  If you’ve been doing it, then you already know how wonderful it is— and if you haven’t, you’re about to find out…. and I’m sure you’ll be eager to start now or participate next year!  It’s the Counting of the […]

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What Kind of Lover are YOU?

Shalom friends! I have some super-exciting news to share with you!!  I have created a brand new Meet Up! Group called the “West Orange Believers Who Love Israel!”.   I was inspired to start this group as a community extension of the vision I have for LOKA Travel…. to tikkun olam (repair the world) by tearing down the wall between Christians and […]

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Who Cares If They Don’t “Get” You??

Shalom friends! I want to share with you a question I received from one of my newsletter subscribers. I’m sensing that many of you feel this way, and I believe my answer will truly bless you!  Enjoy…. The reader wrote…. “I’ve recently started learning about the Jewish-ness of the bible and gaining a better understanding of […]

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Christians Celebrating “Jewish” Feasts??

Shalom friends!   Here’s a question that I get asked about quite often by Christian believers…. “As a Christian, is it really that important for me to learn about “Jewish” holidays, feasts, etc.?” The short answer is a big ol’ “YES“!!!  And here’s why…. The most important fact that you must acknowledge and embrace is that our […]

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