My Life Changing Journey to the Land…. ISRAEL!

Shalom, friends! I shared with you a few weeks ago memories of my first trip to the land of Israel in my weekly newsletter, The LOKA Traveler.  I’m going to share a bit more here with you now, as I feel strongly led to do so. I still cannot tell you exactly why I felt […]

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Aaahhh…. Pure Shalom!

Shalom, friends! I hope you’ve been well, and had a week full of sweet shalom.  Shalom.  Think about that word for a moment.  Now slowly say it out loud.  We all know this wonderful Hebrew word literally translates to peace, however, it’s full interpretation means so much more!  Shalom means nothing missing, nothing broken, total wellness, wholeness, and yes, peace…. a Godly, heavenly peace that encompasses your entire being and transcends any circumstance you may be experiencing. […]

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LOKA Travel Spotlight…. Windstar Cruises

As a perfect ending to a beautiful day on a recent trip to Naples, I attended a special presentation hosted by Windstar Cruises at The Waterfront Grille. I’m pictured here with the Vice President of Sales, Dan Chappelle, MCC.  Dan gave a very interesting and entertaining (he’s very funny!) presentation to a select group of less than 25 travel professionals on the new […]

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Your Purpose, His Kingdom!

Shalom, friends! Over the past several weeks in my weekly newsletter, The LOKA Traveler, I’ve taken a close look at the meaning and importance of  joy and shalom, and how critical they both are to successfully living the Kingdom life.  As a believer, that’s the life you should be living—every single day!  When you need a “spiritual pick-me-up“, take […]

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LOKA Travel Spotlight…. The Scots Hotel – Tiberias, Israel

Shalom, friends! We all know Israel is the place to be…. it has everything you could want…. and now it has one of the World’s Hottest Spas!  If you’re looking for casual elegance, history, beauty…. and one “hot!” spa on the Sea of Galilee, then this is the place for you! The Scots Hotel on the Sea of Galilee in Tiberias is […]

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West Orange Believers Who Love Israel!

Shalom, friends! I want to share something with you that I’m (still) super excited about!  I posted on this over a month ago, however, wanted to share again for those who may have missed it.  Read on to learn about a new monthly event that I would really love you to be a part of. […]

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LOKA Travel Spotlight…. AMA Waterways

Shalom, friends! I was recently invited to a very special lunch presentation, held at Seasons 52 restaurant, to showcase AMA Waterways’ Vietnam, Cambodia, and the Riches of the Mekong itineraries and vessels.  This is truly the preferred way to experience this exotic part of the world! Here I am with my Business Development Manager, the fabulous Diane Curchy Horan, as well as […]

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LOKA Travel Spotlight…. The Waldorf Astoria – Naples, FL

  Shalom, friends ! I decided to live la dolce vita and took a little road trip to Naples…. Florida!  And the Waldorf Astoria Naples really rolled out the red carpet for me!  I’m pictured here with Area Sales Manager, Melissa Elliott. I was very pleasantly surprised as I toured this property with Melissa, discovering unique and wonderful “treats” all […]

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Have You Been Counting the Omer?

Shalom, friends! I want to share with you a joyful tradition I’ve come to love.  If you’ve been doing it, then you already know how wonderful it is— and if you haven’t, you’re about to find out…. and I’m sure you’ll be eager to start now or participate next year!  It’s the Counting of the […]

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What Kind of Lover are YOU?

Shalom friends! I have some super-exciting news to share with you!!  I have created a brand new Meet Up! Group called the “West Orange Believers Who Love Israel!”.   I was inspired to start this group as a community extension of the vision I have for LOKA Travel…. to tikkun olam (repair the world) by tearing down the wall between Christians and […]

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