Christians Celebrating “Jewish” Feasts??

Shalom friends!  

Here’s a question that I get asked about quite often by Christian believers….

“As a Christian, is it really that important for me to learn about “Jewish” holidays, feasts, etc.?”

The short answer is a big ol’ “YES“!!!  And here’s why….

The most important fact that you must acknowledge and embrace is that our Messiah, Yeshua (Jesus) was Jewish, as were all of His disciples.  As a Jewish Rabbi, Yeshua lived a Jewish lifestyle, keeping the Sabbath, the feasts and High Holy Days, and all the commandments written in the Torah.  For some of you, that may be a revelation or a “hard pill” to swallow, or both!  For me, it was a pretty sad revelation.  On the one hand, I could not believe I had gone to church for years and NEVER heard that, and on the other hand, it explained the vast distance between us.  I didn’t know Him.  And because I didn’t know Him, it was impossible for us to have an authentic relationship.

The Christianity of today sadly does not at all resemble the beliefs and customs of Yeshua’s followers, known as the Early Believers.  You must understand that there were both Jews and non-Jews that accepted and believed in Yeshua (so dispel the myth that the Jews killed Jesus!), and that alof them adjusted their ways and prior beliefs to that which Yeshua taught.  To follow Yeshua meant to live and do as He did—and that involved all the things and more that I mentioned above.  Living as a modern day Christian, you most likely don’t know about or do any of these things because over time, due to many reasons, including power struggles, jealousy, and hatred, the “Jewish-ness” of Yeshua has slowly been watered down, and then outright replaced with other more “convenient truths”.  The ultimate lie??  They even changed His name!

The good news is this…. when you know better, you do better!  So know that the “Jewish” feasts, the Sabbath, etc. are not Jewish, they are biblical!  I’m sure that you, as a believer, recognize that we are indeed living in the last of the last days. Knowing this, the time has come for you to take the initiative and educate yourself, your family, and friends about the truth of who your Messiah really is.  And don’t worry—truth will never take anything away from your current beliefs, it will only enhance and strengthen your beliefs, because your foundation will shift from sand slowly slipping away, to stone that cannot be moved!

I always say, “You can’t un-know what you know“.  Ignorance is not blissful, nor is it rewarding. 😉 I really hope that this has been a blessing to you and “whet” your appetite for more truth.  Now, here are 3 great resources to keep you moving in the right direction….

1.  Visit…. a Messianic synagogue, and worship with Jewish and non-Jewish believers in Yeshua (Jesus) on Shabbat  (won’t interfere with church, as it will be a Friday evening or Saturday morning service)!

***And if you’re in the Orlando area, join me and my wonderful congregation at Gesher Shalom (!

2.  Read…. the new book release by Messianic leader, Ron Cantor, “Identity Theft” to learn in an eye-opening, can’t-put-the-book-down-way about how Yeshua was robbed of His identity—but (hallelujah!) not His divinity!! Visit for more information.

3. Watch…. Jewish Voice with Messianic Rabbi, Jonathan Bernis ( This is an extremely informative and timely television program that will educate you on the Hebraic roots of Christianity and keep you up to date on what’s really happening here in the United States, Israel, and around the world, from a believer’s viewpoint.

Eager to know more?  Visit our website at!


Shalom and love,


“The Messianic Mama”

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