• Are you sick and tired of religion and ready to know real, biblical truth and facts…. like the fact that Yeshua (Jesus) was a Jewish Rabbi?
  • Are you really (really!) wanting to understand what all the biblical feasts, festivals, tiny little round “hats”, and white shawls with tassels are all about?  Or maybe you already understand the meaning of these things, and would love to share that knowledge with fellow believers!
  • Do you want to visit the Holy Land and other destinations around the world with the help of a travel professional that actually understands and respects your Judeo-Christian and Messianic interests and beliefs?
  • Are you fed up with the fact that you’ve been a believer for years and (be honest!) your life is no more victorious today than when you first stepped foot in a church?
  • Do you long to travel to Israel with a small, interactive group of like-minded believers…. finally able to get your questions answered, and actually visiting—not just passing by— important sites while enjoying activities in an authentic and meaningful way?

Who We Are

Who We Are photoShalom!
It is my life’s passion and pleasure to work with Christian and Messianic believers who want to travel to Israel, the Holy Land,  and beyond, to learn more about the Jewish roots of Messiah while discovering total wellness at the same time…. saving them many endless hours spent doing research, only to end up overwhelmed and confused.
When you work with us, we take care of all the details for you by creating inspiring, exciting, faith-focused journeys loaded with amazing local food, wine, and cultural experiences, topped off with unique and fun activities you are guaranteed to love! When you travel with LOKA you are sure to appreciate the quality travel experiences and full range of travel styles and options available that include Land Tours, Upscale Cruises, River and Expedition Cruises, Spa & Wellness, Safari’s, Soft Adventure, Train travel, and more….
What separates us from other travel consultants is that our specific expertise is in working with believers just like you, who desire to learn more about the Jewish roots of Messiah and experience Kingdom living, so every trip with us is designed to complement—not conflict with—your beliefs. Because we specialize in travel for small groups, your travels with LOKA are always going to be more personal, more hands-on, and more unique…. experiences that the big motor coach tours and mega-cruise ships simply cannot deliver. We are also 100% Committed to making certain your time and travel dollars are well spent!
Ok… I just have to say this to some of you (and you know who you are!)…. the Kingdom of God is exciting, adventurous, and full of abundance and surprises, so leave your “lemon-face” at home and give yourself permission to get away and have some fun!  Well…. what are you waiting for??  It’s time to “live” out your faith and experience the amazing world that God created just for YOU!
It does not matter what your religious background, denomination, or lack thereof, is if you are ready to discover, know, and experience for yourself the Messiah as the one true and living God. Join me in my quest and let’s Discover the World through the Eyes of Yeshua together!
~ Chanda, CTA (Certified Travel Associate)

Benefits Our Clients Experience


Our valuable clients enjoy many benefits and special privileges when they travel with us. Here are just a few that consistently “top the charts”!

  • The joy of traveling with a small group of like-minded people…. absolutely priceless!
  • Having the ability to easily interact with expert Christian and Messianic guides in every destination, all around the world!
  • Exciting opportunities to enjoy unique food/wine, cultural, spa, spiritual, and active experiences designed to exhilarate —not exhaust— you…. all hand-crafted specifically for your group!
  • Pure shalom (peace) and relaxation in knowing that every detail of your travels has been considered and taken care of for you!
  • Many personal and spiritual blessings derived from digging deeper into your faith, discovering life-shaping truths, and crossing cultural barriers…. all while having the time of your life!
  • And most importantly, receiving the promise of the Lord found in Genesis 12:3; the promise to bless those who bless the chosen land and people of Israel. Each traveler with LOKA does just that, as a percentage of the profits from every trip is used to bless and support Israel!

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